Tuesday, March 22

Rhyming greetings

I love all these silly happy rhyming stuff.

I first got to know "See you later, alligator" and "In a while crocodile".
Which one did you come across first?

See you later, alligator
In a while, crocodile
Take care, black bear
Keep it real, spotted seal
Adieu, caribou
In a few, cockatoo
Bye bye, fruit fly
Ciao, brown cow
Good luck, silly duck
See you soon, big baboon
Another time, porcupine
Best wishes, little fishes
Peace out, river trout
Have a good day, sting ray
Gotta go, buffalo

Now your challenge is to come up with your own silly greetings!
You can put them in the comments!

And let's try and have as many native ones or animals more familiar to the Singaporean kid, shall we? More meaningful for us! :)

I got a couple here to start with:

1. Hello, Sumatran Rhino!
2. Tata, Panda.
3. Selamat datang, Orang Utan

Any Chinese ones?


  1. I just googled for some new farewell rhymes and came here. These are great! I used the "Peace out, river trout" one. :)

  2. you're welcome! :)
    i checked out your blog too, wow, you've been a SAHM for 13 yrs! cool!

  3. What's up, buttercup?

    What's the word, hummingbird?